How do you play online slots

While generally speaking online slots are overall a bit more complicated to play than perhaps any other online casino game there is the good news is they aren’t really that complicated at all and after only a minute or two of reading up on them you should be up to speed and able to play any online slot you wish. 

The general way on online slot works is that you’ll be faced with a game that comes typically with 5-reels and around 3-rows making around 15 symbols although the sizes of these games can vary from slot to slot. The whole idea is spin these reels and when they stop work from right to left and try to match symbols in a row - or along paylines are they are most commonly known. Each slot will tell you how many paylines their game has and how the symbols must fall in place in order for you to win a prize. 

This sounds pretty simple and it pretty much is and usually what determines how much you win is how much money you decided to stake as you spun the reels with online slot stakes starting from as low as a penny a spin and often going up into the hundreds for the high rollers out there. What makes online slots so fun to play however and where the big bucks in online slots really come from are from the special symbols you’ll find on the reels which are often called scatter or bonus symbols. These symbols generally don’t care about making winning paylines and instead players should be more interested in just having three of them appear on the reels at any one time as this will generally trigger a special bonus round which is where most of the money is made. 

The bonus rounds in online slots can take many forms ranging from free spin features where you can earn up to 50 free spins to pick to win style games however as time goes on more and more innovative features are being produced which makes these games even more unique and exciting than ever before. This is all you really need to know about online slots in order to start playing and after just a spin or two of any slot you’ll really start to pick up the hang of it and you’ll never be looking back again!