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Posted by Multilead Media PGUK on Monday, July 18, 2016

Underwater themes have always been a pretty popular choice as far as themes go for online slots however we’d have to say the Ariana Online Slot have definitely added a little something extra to this theme as not only do you get to explore the open ocean, but there’s plenty of fantasy and adventure mixed in with this game too!

Mermaid’s are what’s on display in the Ariana Online Slot and Ariana herself is a princess mermaid and she certainly looks it too coming across as very royal and glorified. Joining her on the reels are things such as sunken treasure chests, starfish, and some stunning views coral areas being cast upon by light.

This isn’t one of Microgaming’s newer titles however the animations and graphics here are still pretty pleasing on the eye mainly thanks to the aquatic world that’s been built up here. There’s 5-reels and 25-paylines in the Ariana Online Slot online slot while the stakes you can spin at here is pretty incredible starting off at a low of 25p a spin and working up to a pretty remarkable £1.250 at the other!

The prizes up for grabs here are just as crazy too as the top jackpot players will be chasing after comes in at £300,000 which is nothing short of insane really! There are two main features in this game which players will be happy to see with the first of the two being an expanding symbol theme which means whenever a symbol appears stacked on reel 1, if there are any more of that symbol on any other of the reels they all become stacked too!

To combine with this the Ariana Online Slot also has a free spins feature that will hand out 15 free spins if you manage to spin out three or more of the game’s scatter symbol in a single spin and as an added bonus the game’s wild symbol will not appear stacked on reel one during this time! Overall then we’d have to admit there only really seems to be good things to say about the Ariana Online Slot as the theme is a pretty cool one, the prizes are absolutely huge, and the ingame features are pretty interesting and a whole lot of fun!

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