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Posted by Multilead Media PGUK on Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We’d say it’s now more than any time before that games revolving around space are becoming increasingly popular destinations for players to play at and just one look at the Big Bang Online Slot makes it quite easy to see why! One of the best things to check out when it comes to games revolving around space are the cool images of the universe and thanks to how far leaders such as NetEnt have pushed the animations and graphics in games these images now look nothing short of incredible and can really change the feeling you get while playing a game.

Of course it’s not just the images of space that’s cool here as far as looks go - the vibrant colours and changing backgrounds as you win also go a long way to making the Big Bang Online Slot one of the most visually appealing games around today! There’s 5-reels and 25-paylines in the Big Bang Online Slot which we’d say is around the standard for a NetEnt title while the range of stakes available here start for as little as 25p and work up to £50 a spin.

One of the better highlights of this game along with the looks of course would have to be the game’s jackpot which goes as high as 268,032 coins which could be considered pretty high even if it was a progressive jackpot slot which is really saying something! The main feature of the Big Bang Online Slot is a multiplier meter and how this works is rather simple.

There is a meter at the side of the slot in this game which starts at 1x and keeps doubling till it gets up to a 32x multiplier. Every time you make a winning spin here the multiplier meter will move up one and your next spin will come with that new multiplier. The whole aim of the game here then is to string together a few wins and rack up prizes with plenty of multipliers attached to them which happens more frequently than you might imagine! So even though the looks are probably the biggest draw to playing at the Big Bang Online Slot we’d have to say the giant prizes and the rather cool multiplier feature definitely make this game more than just a one trick pony!

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