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Posted by Multilead Media PGUK on Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We’d personally have to say that the Cosmic Fortune Online Slot is one of our favourite slots in the entire online casino industry and we’d highly recommend players check it out if they’re looking for something new to play! Everything from the theme, to the looks, to the gameplay is exceptional here and NetEnt have even added their own little intro video once again which not only shows how much love they have for the game as well but it also helps players get amped and in the mood to play!

There’s high quality 3D graphics on display in the Cosmic Fortune Online Slot which immediately lines it up as one of the best looking games in the industry right now while the reels are taken up by all things cosmic such as robots, spaceships, and meteors.

There’s 5-reels and 15-paylines in the Cosmic Fortune Online Slot while the stakes range from as low as 15p a spin up to a rather large £75 a spin! One of the biggest highlights of this game however has to come from the prizes as not only are there several jackpots up for grabs here but there’s also a top end prize of 1,470,000 coins which means we’re talking over half a million in cash as the jackpot prize which is pretty crazy!

Cosmic Fortune’s big ingame feature is also one of the best features we’ve had the pleasure of playing and it is played over two rounds too. To get onto the feature you need to spin out some scatter symbols and once you do you’ll be taken to a separate screen featuring a spaceship at the top of the screen filled with lots of balls. At the bottom of the screen there’s lots of boxes waiting filled with coin amounts attached as well as place that will take you to the second feature area.

There’s 50 balls to be dropped here and the aim is to try and get 3 balls to drop into the box that will take you onto the second feature while the rest rack you up prizes. If you do there’s a second feature are which is similar to the first except now there’s more boxes offering much bigger prizes and this is where your heart will really get pumping! So with fantastic graphics, a cool theme, huge prizes, and an exciting feature round we’d highly recommend the Cosmic Fortune Online Slot to any player whether they’re old or new!

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