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Posted by Multilead Media PGUK on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

NetEnt created a fantastic and unique little Online Slot with their release of Kings of Chicago Online Slot. The theme is of Chicago in the early 20th century, a time when Al Capone was running things and there was a lot of glitz and glamour in the high rolling casino nightlife. This particular slot is unique in many ways starting with that there is no “spin” in the slot, instead the symbols(which are playing cards) are scooped up and a new set of 15 cards are dealt out. Kings of Chicago Online Slot is your usual 5-reel, 3-row payline slot except unusually it only has 5 paylines!

This is a little deceptive however as winning lines are a little different than in your usual slot. Each of the 5 winning paylines are treated as a 5 card poker hand, and by getting 3 of a kind or better in in any of the paylines will see you win a prize. This means that you don’t have to win straight from right to left and as a result there are a lot more possible ways to win. The smallest prize that you can win with is three of a kind and works its way all the way up to the royal flush which is Kings of Chicago Online Slots jackpot. 20,000 coins is the max payout here and with a maximum coin value of 1 that makes a pretty decent top end prize of £20k!

Fortunately the fun doesn’t stop there with Kings of Chicago Online Slot and it has some nice features that will not only add to the excitement, but also help win some of those top end prizes. The first to note is the joker card, which plays just like any other NetEnt games wild symbol. The joker not only substitutes as any other symbol other than the scatter but it also gives a 2x multiplier on any win. Since there is 5 symbols in a payline Kings of Chicago Online Slot has also added 5 of a kind as a winning payline too.

The other feature in Kings of Chicago Online Slot is the scatter symbol, which can appear over a regular card. Getting at least 3 in a spin will unlock its features and they include getting a multiple of your stake back as well as a bunch of free “deals” or spins. The maximum you can get off the scatter symbols is 500x stake and 30 free deals if you manage to land 5 scatters. NetEnt has really outdone themselves with Kings of Chicago Online Slot.

It has take the popular theme of that Capone era, mixed it with one of the most popular games on the planet, and fused it into this excellent little slot. Since the game is fairly different from the standard slot everything will keep you entertained for a long time and the prizes up for grabs should add some extra thrill too!

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