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Posted by Multilead Media PGUK on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

There’s not too many games we can really say this about but the Mega Fortune Online Slot really does have a fantastic claim for the title of best online slot around. What’s quite surprising about that is the fact that this game is quite a few years old now too so it’s not exactly going to be breaking any barriers as far as the graphics go however what probably isn’t too surprising is to hear it’s a game developed by NetEnt!

The Mega Fortune Online Slot has a theme which is based around the life of the rich and luxurious with things such as champagne, rolexes, speedboats, and jewelry all taking to the reels while some pretty jazzy background music completes the mood. There’s 5-reels and 25-paylines in the Mega Fortune Online Slot which is similar to most other NetEnt titles as are their stakes which range from 1p to £50 a spin. It’s the jackpots which really separate this game from all the rest however and it’s these jackpots which are the main reason to play the game.

Currently the Mega Fortune Online Slot holds the record for the biggest ever casino jackpot prize coming in at around £17 million which was won off only a 25p spin! These types of prizes have been won a few times off this game already for such low stakes which really does mean it’s the ultimate game when we talk about jackpot slots! There’s some nice bonus rounds which keep this game fun and exciting too as there’s three jackpot prizes to be won.

The bonus round takes players to a spinning wheel where you simply have to stop the wheel to see what prize you get or whether you get another spin for even larger amounts! Overall we’d highly recommend players check out the Mega Fortune Online Slot as it has animations and graphics backed up by NetEnt and the highest jackpots you’ll see around too!

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