Reel King Slot

Posted by Multilead Media PGUK on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

If you can’t quite choose which is your favourite style of slot between the old arcade style games and the newer video style slots then why not save yourself the headache and try out Novomatic’s Reel King Online Slot which seems like a fantastic blend of the two types. The looks and theme of the Reel King Online Slot is pretty similar to an arcade slot with a lot of the old classic symbols being used such as cherries and plums as well plenty of bright and vibrant colours too.

However what makes this game less like an older game would have to be the fact Novomatic has given the game 5-reels and 20-paylines which is a bit more than an arcade slot offers which come with some fantastic graphics and animations too - which are incredibly modern and look exactly like a video slot. The theme of the Reel King Online Slot isn’t too far out being based around royalty and kings in particular which is pretty upbeat overall!

There’s one main feature in the Reel King Online Slot that players will be looking to get themselves on an that’s the reel king feature which surprisingly occurs at complete random on any winning or non winning spin. When it does activate one or more of the reels in the Reel King Online Slot will transform into a King shaped one armed bandit which only has 7’s on its reels. You then simply spin the reels again and every spin you make will result in a winning payline until you eventually run into the black diamonds at which point it’s game over!

There’s plenty of fun and excitement to be had in the Reel King Online Slot thanks to its fast paced action and fantastic looks. However the fact it can seem like both a video and arcade slot all at the same time really does mean it’s a game that can be enjoyed by any player whichever type they prefer!

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