Thrills Casino

The reason we all spend time at a casino is simply because it’s incredibly fun and exciting - especially if you’re winning, and no place amplifies those feelings better than Thrills Casino! Thrills Casino is a pretty kooky looking casino that is hosted by a team of very unusual characters! The hosts appear to be from a travelling circus of some kind with magicians, lions, and even a bearded lady all on center stage. 

As odd as this theme does sound there is no denying it is loved by it’s players as Thrills Casino began winning awards as soon as it was launched being named the 2014 best casino of year! If a couple of awards and a funny sounding theme doesn’t immediately win you over then perhaps their sign up bonus will which will see the player with an additional £200 to play with through their deposit bonuses. Thrills Casino also throw in 50 free spins on their Starburst Online Slot as a little cherry on top. Their ongoing bonuses are just as nice too as they have opted to go for a bonus - metre style system. This is fairly similar to a VIP system that they have where the more you play with Thrills and get on select bonus rounds on their games the the more the bonus metre is filled. 

The more you fill the metre the more treasures you unlock which will be packed with free bonuses and spins alike and to get your hands on the first treasure chest you only need to make it onto two in game bonus features! We have found the system to be pretty fun as when you start to approach the next chest every spin on any game you play becomes all the more exciting! Thrill Casino can also boast that it really does pack all of the best games that the online market has to offer. 

Thrills Casino stocks games from 8 of the top gaming developers in the industry which you really won't see in many places and as a result you’ll be hard pressed not to find a one of the industries leading titles! Overall we can certainly see why Thrills Casino was able to win such a prestigious award. The site looks great and they’ve done a great job and making their bonuses something players will really look forward to, and to top it all off they have pretty much every game that players are generally looking for!