What are free spins and how do they work

If you aren’t really sure what a free spin feature is when it comes to online slots then you’re almost certainly pretty new to the online slot scene in general. These features for very many are the bread and butter of online slots creating some of the most thrilling times and happiest moments of some peoples playing days! 

There are quite a lot of different ingame features in online slots however most popular type of ingame feature any player will run into is a free spins feature with some of the top gaming developers in the industry such as Microgaming and NetEnt offering these in a large proportion of their games. Free spin features aren’t the same as free spin bonuses which is infact good news for players as they’re much more valuable. 

To get onto a free spins feature the main way this will happen is when a player spins out three or more of the game’s scatter symbol. Sometimes the game doesn’t call it a scatter symbol and instead call it a free spins symbol or something similar however they all do the same and that is get you onto the feature round. It should be noted that you don’t have to get these scatter symbols across a single payline as finding them anywhere along the reels will activate feature. Each online slot is different in how many free spins they’ll give a player however the amount you receive tends to be in the range of 5-50 free spins with the most common amounts being in the 10-20 range. These are free spins just like your regular spins, and will be spun for the same amount you were originally spinning for, it’s just that they’ll automatically start spinning for you. 

While this in itself is actually pretty decent what really makes these features so good is that the spins normally come with plenty of additional effects too. Some of the more common added effects here l include giving all winning paylines added multipliers or adding extra wild or similar types of symbols all designed to help you get those bigger wins. 

Free spin features tend to rack up big prizes for players in the end and they’re done is such a dramatic fashion too that we’re not really surprised they’re the most popular feature around. So if you haven’t tried an online slot with one of these features we’d highly recommend you do today!